The V&V GROUP can provide you with all of the standard Venlo types, in standard bay sizes and in several different heights, this way our own designed aluminium roof is a V&V greenhouse stronger than any other. Custom made production is no problem either. In addition we offer further options concerning the type of glass. Choosing the right glass for the crop is an imported factor. If you would like to know more about the various types that V&V has to offer, please feel free to ask and we would gladly inform you.


  • Bay-width of 3.20 m, 4,00 m, 4,27 m, 4,50 m and 4,80 m
  • Custom designs up to 16,00 m
  • Post-Heights up to 12,00 m
  • High-tech and designed aluminium roof system
  • High quality aluminium gutters with integrated condensation channels
  • Roof and gable glazing with various options in transparency and energy values
  • Modern ventilation systems up to 45% of the ground area
  • Cladding systems with insulating sandwich panels and polycarbonate glazing
  • Foundation: poured concrete foundation beams or pre-fabricated insulating foundation systems
  • Sliding doors and roll-over doors in all sorts and sizes