Greenhouse projects are mostly provided with several individual technical installations which are all in a way connected to the central power supply.

Technical installations must function without interruption and sometimes require a high power connection.

On top of that it must be a safe installation complying to actual electrical standards and norms. 

Whether this concerns an existing/renovation project or a widespread high-tech company, our engineers have the experience and designing tools to come to the most suitable selection of materials and a professional design. 

Electrical Panels

Power Distribution 

Each electrical installation starts physically with a power distribution panel, which is connected to the local electricity grid on one side and on the other side to the whole electrical installation of the project. Important is here to overview the entire electrical installation in order to maintain the Electrical Safety and to achieve a fine balance between capacity and use of the materials.

Especially in projects equipped with growlight, distribution of power is often extensive. 

Transformers located around the greenhouse provide in this power and are connected to the regional high tension grid or possibly to a CHP (Combined Heat Power) installation.


Downstream the electrical installation, distributed over the entire electrical installation of the project, several types of electrical equipment are installed, such as vent/screen motors, pumps, fans, lighting, receptacles, etc. This equipment needs to be switched and controlled as well as fused all individually. For this purpose V&V delivers centrally located switchpanels.


Interfacing is the electrical link between the process computer and the switching/controlling the electrical greenhouse equipment. Components to do so are usually integrated in the switchpanels and hooked up to the outputs of the process computer. On a higher level, when equipment is provided with a so-called BUS-system, interfacing is done by means of a digital signal over only a 2-wire cable. This communication cable runs along motors, pumps or fans and, besides saving you a lot of cable, is also able to manage a great deal of digital information from and towards the process computer.

Process Computer

The process computer is an essential link in the greenhouse horticulture chain. The process computer connects and manages all your horticultural business processes and ensures you can optimize these further. The control program presents all issues with clear, organized graphics. It offers you the possibility, now and in the future, to continue developing and expanding your business.


V&V designs, supplies and installs cyclical- and grow light systems for flowers and vegetable crops, such as tomatoes. High light levels are no exception and require a well-considered high power electrical system which joins the available sources perfectly.

Centrally located switchpanels take care of power distribution and possible switching in parts (checkerboard) when required. Light armatures are hung to the greenhouse construction and divided over the greenhouse following a certain light plan. We can provide you this light plan which shows the best situation for your cultivation and will lead you to the right selection of armature, 600W or 1000W, conventional or electronic type.

Sulfur Evaporators

In contribution to the struggle against mildew and to deal with it effectively, the right amount of evaporated sulfur and a good distribution of the vapors is required. For crops such as roses, peppers and tomatoes V&V can delivers complete installations with evaporators divided over the greenhouse in a certain grid. Due to the tubular shape of an evaporator the chimney-effect guarantees an optimal distribution of sulfur.

An additional aluminium cap reduces the deposit of sulfur on the greenhouse construction/glass and top screens. 

Climate Control

Air Recirculation & mixing with outside air

The AVS system is custom air treatment box for use in horticulture. The AVS system mixes greenhouse air with outdoor air and distributes the mixture equally around the crop with air hoses.

Circulation Fans

In support of air flow in greenhouses to achieve a more equal climate, V&V can provide several kinds of fan installations, for example Serial ventilation which is the most common fan system in which the airflow is passed on from fan to fan, hanging from the trellis in a certain grid.

Slurf ventilation under the grow gutter is found in cultivations where the crop is growing on a grow gutter where the airflow is horizontally forced to spread in full length under the grow gutter and to be released from the slurf in vertical direction.

Another method is downward ventilation in order to get air mixing in the ever higher greenhouses with fans which are mounted horizontally to the trellis. A slurf hangs down towards the grow gutter height, where the fan forces the pike layer air downwards, beyond the grow gutter, where it is spread underneath.

Heating Systems 

V&V Can take care of the technical control of the heating system. Collecting data from the sensors provides the process computer the information it needs to determine the control strategy. The focus is always on the lowest possible energy consumption, so less energy costs.

Generator sets

To provide back-up power, in case of a power failure, V&V delivers several types of diesel generator sets being new or reconditioned, containerized, open skid or possibly as soundproof variant. 

Depending on local availability of a maintenance/service point a wide choice in brands is possible.

Gensets get integrated in the power supply in several ways by using a transfer switch. This enables you to have a simple and manual take over or - when required - a fully automatic back-up without a switching through dark.